Production Paradise
For two months in 2023, I took on an internship abroad in Barcelona. There, I not only got to experience a new culture but also a new work culture. I worked for a creative agency that connects its clients to others looking for people to hire for various media jobs. As the only graphic design intern, my main task over the two months was to create a new blog website for them in Webflow (previously in WordPress). This task, while daunting at first, was an amazing way for me to get to know Webflow through content migration and web design. Unlike my previous app designs, I created this site to fit both mobile and desktop. Before my company could use the website, there were various obstacles I had to solve to get the site to function as it had before. After solving these issues, we got the site launched, and they continue to use it today. Through this experience, I learned a lot about UI/UX as well as getting a site to connect with third-party sites like Mailchimp.
Closet Couture
The app Closet Couture was created because as someone who loves fashion, I often have difficulty coming up with outfits since I can't see all my clothes. I also wear a few pieces repeatedly and forget about what else I own. Inspired by this, I created this app, along with a case study, using Figma. To research this, I created a user persona, a competitive analysis, and a site map. After the design was complete, I created a Figma prototype that showed the process of adding new clothing and making an outfit.  
The app WasteNot was another UI/UX case study that allowed me to flesh out a mobile design, learning from my first exposure to the field. WasteNot was created through the desire to find recipes using ingredients you already have. I conducted research, created various wireframes, and was able to get useful feedback from my class. This project was completed in AdobeXD, so I also enjoyed getting experience with an unfamiliar app. You can find my case study here.
Louisiana Wildlife Federation
As part of a larger rebrand, my classmate and I redesigned the Louisiana Wildlife Federation's current website. Together, we created designs for their Landing, Who We Are, and What We Do pages. Our main goal for the site's refresh was rearranging parts of the website to better suit the user and to update the design, making it more modern and youthful.
TranparenSee was the first app design I created. The idea behind the mobile app TransparenSee was for people to scan a skincare/beauty product and get an unbiased assessment of how safe it is for the skin. For this project, I conducted my research to develop a layout that addressed the grievances of competitors such as Yuka and CosDNA. I designed wireframes and an interactive prototype in Figma. You can find the case study here.
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